More About Standardized Testing


The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) Call 1-800-845-5731 or visit for a basic test without the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities test). Must be administered by someone with a BA/BS degree or have a teaching certificate or have been a teacher in a conventional school.

The Stanford 10 Achievement Test is also available through BJU Press. Their requirements make this test more difficult to administer to just your own children. Check out prices and more info at this link or website above

The California Achievement Test (CAT) can be administered by a parent (high school diploma required). They offer a paper test or online test (timed or untimed), both available through Christian Liberty Press at or 1-800-832-2741.

We have suggested the PASS Test in the past and it is a wonderful tool for homeschoolers; however, it may not meet the requirement in the state as a “nationally standardized” test. We have checked with Districts 11, 20, and 49 and they have previously accepted it. You will want to double check if you go with this option.

The PASS Test is available by calling 1-800-348-1750 or at The PASS Test was developed specifically for homeschoolers, is available only for grades 3–8, is untimed, and can be administered by the parent.

You may also want to check out They have an FAQ page about testing that may be helpful.