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Thank you for your interest in High Country Home Educators. We are excited to share our exciting homeschool ministry with you. If you would like more information, please click on the Request for Information link below.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Request For Information

General Contact Information

High Country Home Educators (HCHE)
P.O. Box 62284
Colorado Springs, CO  80962

For inquiries:
(719) 278-9135 Ext. 5

Enrichment Classes (HCEC)

Erica Danielson, HCEC Administrator
Amy Jump, Administrative Director
Nikki Rainey, Operations Director
Wendy Ferguson, Human Resources

For inquiries: 
(719) 278-9135  Ext. 1-2 

Support Group (HCSG)

Emily Werner, HCSG Administrator
Emily Pepper, Communications Coordinator

For inquiries:
(719) 278-9135  Ext. 3 

For information on advertising with High Country, please email or visit the Advertising with High Country page.

High Country Christian Academy (HCCA)

Jennifer Valdois, HCCA Administrator
Ainsley Groen, Communications Coordinator

High Country Christian Academy
P.O. Box 25966
Colorado Springs, CO  80936

For inquiries:
(719)278-9135 Ext.4

Founder, Pastoral Covering and Advisor

Pastor Brian Newberg