~ How to Contact Us  ~

 Support Group  (HCSG)

 Shannon Chesebro, SG Administrator

 Shelle Kyle, Administrative Coordinator                     

 Voice Mail: (719) 278-9135 Ext. 3  
 P.O. Box 62284, Colorado Springs, CO  80962

  Newsletter Advertising: 

 To download information on advertising, go to the Support Group section  and scroll down on first page or go to the Advertising with High  Country section.

 Enrichment Classes  (HCEC)

 Darla Caudle, HCEC Administrator
 Mary Williams, Administrative Director
 Nikki Rainey, Operations Manager
 Wendy Ferguson, Human Resources

 Voice Mail: (719) 278-9135 ext. 1-2 
 Mail: Same PO Box as above

 Independent School (HCCA)  

 Jenny Vanaman, Administrator
 Teresa Draves, Data Entry
 Brenda Damon, Database

 Voice Mail: (719) 278-9135, ext. 4 
 P.O. Box 25966, Colorado Springs, CO 80936

 High Country Home Educators (HCHE)  

 Brian & Pam Newberg 
 Founders, Pastoral Covering, and Advisors